May 1, 2008

Photo Class

So I had a photo shoot booked for the morning of Saturday April 26th (last Saturday). We also had an appointment for a representative of ComFree to come over to the house on Saturday afternoon.

On Friday I got a reminder, via Microsoft Outlook, that I had signed up for a photo class on Saturday. Oops...I had to reschedule the photo shoot and the ComFree meeting.

The class was at Metro Continuing Education. I've taken a few classes there before, they are usually pretty good...this class was 'Family and Group Portraiture'. The instructor for this class was Tracy Grabowski, a professional photographer.

Tracey was a real spark plug. She was full of energy and enthusiasm...even though she admitted to not being a morning person. She was full of great stories that helped to illustrate the point that she was trying to teach up. She did tend to get off topic, but based on how fast and how much she was talking, we certainly got our money's worth for the class.

We were supposed to have a test family to practice on, but they cancelled. That was too bad because we (the students) had to be the people in the group portrait, which meant that it was hard to see what Tracey was seeing and doing, to get us set up nicely.

Overall, the class was pretty good. As with the other classes I've taken there, I didn't really learn too much technical knowledge. I don't claim to be an expert (or do I?) but I usually know most of the material that is being taught. The real benefit of these classes are the instructors. They are working pro photographers and they have a lot of great knowledge, the stuff that you don't find in books etc.

Tracy took a few shots of the group, we even had a little girl (a ballet student who walked by) take a shot, so that Tracy could be in the shot. She said that she would E-mail the shot to us...and I was going to put it up here. If it shows up, I'll be sure to post it.

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