May 1, 2008

Baby Portraits

After my photo class last Saturday, I rushed home to pick up my wife, my portable studio equipment and my camera gear. Then we went to Russell & Megan's house for a photo shoot.

We had to move the furniture around to make some space and I set up so that I could use the large living room window for light. Window light is great because of it's soft quality. I also had someone hold up a reflector on the other side, to fill in the shadows.

Aidan was a perfect little dude for the photo shoot. We started with a shirt & diaper but quickly went to the artistic nude shots. He was in great spirits and didn't even pee on anyone, what a gentleman. Just like with any baby portraits, the hard part is getting them to look where you want them to. Aidan couldn't stop staring at me when I first got there and when I was setting up...but of course, I wasn't as interesting when I had a camera in front of me. He's a smart little guy, so it really wasn't too hard to get his attention though.

The real problem was posing him. He can sit up on his own, but he just didn't want to...Mom and or Dad had to keep him from falling over and off of the table. There were no accidents but Megan's heart skipped a few beats now and then. When we tried to lay him down, he was very adamant about showing us how well he could roll over...and over and over. Lastly, I tried to get some shots of his feet...but then he was showing up how fast he can kick and punch. Eventually, he figured he would taste his toes, and was able to get the last shot.

Anyway, here are a few of the shots from the session. What an adorable kid, don't you think?

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