May 13, 2008

First Photos

Check this out...the very first photo of my kid. Actually...'photo' means light and this is an it's the first 'picture' of my kid. cool is that?

We went in for the ultrasound this Monday...was an awesome experience. We could see the little guy (or girl, we didn't ask) moving around and opening his mouth like a fish. We even saw him hiccup a few times. It was really neat how the ultrasound tech could alter the depth of the scan and we could see different parts of the baby. The spine & neck would show up really clear, then he would change it so we could see some ribs. We saw his hands, feet fingers and was really cool. It even looked like he gave us a thumbs up at one point.

It was all over, far too soon...but we did get to have a couple pictures...although, we had to pay for them. I joked that this was the first and maybe only time that I would actually pay for pictures of my kid. Like any parent...I plan to take tons of photos of my kids and I've got some great ideas that I want to try out...he's just got to come out first.

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Momma Pukster said...

your babe is so photogenic! :) it is rather funny that you had to pay someone else to take a photo of your child.