May 10, 2009


Out at the farm one night, there was a big thunderstorm heading east toward rather than running for cover, I grabbed my camera and captured these shots.

Hair Models

I've been sitting on these for a while and now that the competitions are over, I'm finally allowed to show off these photos I took of hair models. These were done for a high end hair salon, complete with professional makeup artist and fashion designer.


Here is a selection of portraits I've shot...I won't say recently because I've been lax at updating the ol'blog...but here they are.

Not really a portrait...but I thought it was cute.

Birthday Party

Here are some photos from Forrest's cousin Reid's 1st Birthday.

My wife made these great (and fully edible) 'Shark Cupcakes'

Forrest doesn't crawl yet...but he's very good at getting around via the log roll.

Outside in the sun, he had to borrow a's a little big.
This one is still big but it looks a little cooler.
Piggyback ride from Uncle Mike.

Six Months Old

I took these shots on the day that Forrest was six months old. He is in his Jumper...he loves jumping....and thank goodness because it keeps him occupied and out of trouble while we make meals for him and ourselves.

Easter at the Farm

We celebrated Easter out at the Farm with plenty of family, which always makes for great photo opportunities.

This is Buddy, a very old Black Lab...the prototypical Farm Dog.

Go Fly a Kite...
It wouldn't be Easter without a few card games.

Here are some wide angle shots around the farm...with some experimental processing applied.

Window Light

Another assignment for my Portrait Lighting class was to use window I got the best looking model I could find and put him in front of a window. I give you...Forrest and the Window.

Sometimes it helps to add a reflector to bounce some light back onto the other side of your subject.