October 26, 2010

Forrest Update

Here are some more recent photos of  Forrest.

In July, we took Forrest to Capital X (I still call it K-days). He was still too small to go on any rides but he got to play the ducky game and he won himself a stuffed cow, which became the first stuffed animal that he became attached to and needs for bed time. He already knows the value of something earned, now that's good parenting....;-)

He loves trucks and I found this cool jeep at a garage sale for $1.  He loved it so much, he wouldn't be parted from it, even during nap time.

Standing outside the house with the flowers that he helped his mother plant.

Safe at home!

Just about two years old!

He knows that diaper cream feels good, so when he managed to get his hands on it, he took full advantage.  I found him like this, hiding behind the chair in his room.  He was crying because he knew he'd be in trouble...but I couldn't keep a strait face and so neither could he.

He loves his Mommy!

Auditioning for Trailer Park Boys?

Being silly with Daddy.

First trip to Rexal Place...went to Oilers Training Camp.

Helping Daddy wash the floor.

He loves the big field by our house.

He doesn't want to go home yet, even after the sun goes down.

Diedo being silly at Forrest's 2nd birthday party.

"Look me, look me"

A very artistic friend drew this on the envelope for his birthday card.

Yummy!  Birthday cake.

He had been practicing his candle blowing technique for weeks.

Home made sushi with soy sauce....mmmmm.