September 13, 2010


How's that song go?...'Don't go chasing waterfalls....'


Navvula Baadsha సగటు సాఫ్ట్వేర్ ఇంజినీర్ said...

Nice pics, How did you manage to get the nice and well saturated green surroundings? whenever I try to shoot water falls, I get nice milky effect of the water but I burn the surroundings

Mike said...

Thanks for the comment.

The key is to find the right exposure for the surroundings, using a long enough shutter speed to get the effect you want in the water.

So using a smaller aperture will help, using a low ISO will help, but another trick is to use filters to block some light which allows you to use longer shutter speeds and still keep the exposure that you want.

For most of these shots I was using a circular polarizer and a neutral density filter.