September 13, 2010

HDR Landscape Photos

I truly love landscape photography.  Sometimes I wish I could just go live in the wilderness and do nothing but shoot landscapes.  I could let my beard grow out and befriend a grizzly would be awesome.

I've been experimenting with a technique often referred to as HDR (high dynamic range) and here are some of the results.

This first one was shot just off of QE2, very early in the morning, while I was on my
way down to Kananaskis.  The rest are from right in Kananaskis country.


iHeartDimSum said...

Cool. How many exposures are these composed of? And what software do you use to merge them into HDRs?

Mike said...

Thanks George.

These were compiled from 3 to 5 photos. I usually take at least 5 but I may not use all of them. I don't know enough about the software and the process to really know the best procedures yet...I'm still just playing around with it.

The software I used was Photomatix. From what I've been hearing for the last few years, it's the best option for HDR & tone mapping, so I finally gave it a try.
I've also played around with the HDR option in CS4. It doesn't seem to have the same 'power' as Photomatix, but I think it's a lot easier to get carried away and go over the top with Photomatix, so the Photoshop HDR images looked more 'realistic'.

realestatejudy said...

love your shots I live close to Glacier and you cannot take a bad shot, but they could be better I need a slr camera. I definitely understand about being out and just taking shots - thanks