September 15, 2011

Twins Update

Wow...if anyone ever tells you that raising twins is twice as hard as raising a single child...slap them.  It's at least 4 times as hard.  It may be a lot of work, but when I see those two little faces smiling at me, it's all worth it. 

It's hard to find the time to photograph them, besides quick shots with the family P&S (point & shoot) camera.  But I recently got a new professional camera, and what better way to test it out, than to shoot my twins (and their big brother, of course). 

So here are a few new photos.

We lovingly refer to them as our 'Toe-headed' children.  Hopefully the girls will be able to grow a nice head of hair, but judging by their brother, it's going to take a while. 

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