March 30, 2010

More Forrest

I've been meaning to get these photos for a while now.  Firstly, I wanted to get at least one good shot of Forrest with our dog Muffy.  Muffy used to be my grandmother's dog and when my grandmother passed away, we bought the house and inherited the dog...or as I like to tell people, we paid a few hundred thousand dollars for the dog, and got a free house out of the deal. 
Anyway, Muffy is very old...over 17 years I think.  The only way I remember her age, is that we have a photo somewhere, of my little sister with my grandmother's previous dog, when she was about the age Forrest is now.  That dog lived to be something like 21 years old and died not too long after that photo was taken, so with my sister being 18 years old, I extrapolate that Muffy is around 17 because my grandmother wasn't without a dog for very long. 

It took me until now to get these photos, because Muffy isn't really fond of kids...not unless they are up in a high chair and dropping food down onto the floor.  She won't sit still for them to pet her, she even snaps at them if they corner here and pull her hair etc.  So when we finally taught Forrest to be 'gentle' with her, I knew I had to get some photos before it was too late.  This 'old lady' is still full of life, but she's deaf, almost blind and can't smell very well anymore either.  She's had plenty of problems with her teeth, and probably can't handle another operation.

Another thing I wanted to capture in photos, is Forrest with his green bucket.  This little prankster is really developing a good sense of humor.  He sometimes puts the bucket on his head, then calmly walks up and stands beside you...waiting for you to notice him and laugh (or say "Where's Forrest?").  Only then does he pull the bucket helmet off and laugh.  Fast forward 18 years and he'll be the guy at a party with a lamp shade on his head. 
I didn't really get the bucket shot I wanted, but these are still funny.

And here are a few more shots from the same shoot.

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